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ENERGY #01 (2017-)

”ENERGY #01” is an installation that projects a moving linear light onto a 3D-printed sculpture suspended in space. Through its form and movement, the piece isolates segments in the flow of time and highlights the expressive potential of human movements. The movements of ballet dancers were converted into data and output by a 3D printer. Each balletic movement was printed onto a mesh sculpture of movement. The shape of each sculpture follows the trajectory of the choreographic body.

Streams of light pass through the overlapping layers of the sculptures, creating distinct rhythms and paces of movement. The movement that emerges from the streams of light illuminates time, revealing the movement of the past, present and future.


Materials: Nylon
Size: H3000mm x W 3500mm x D3000mm (Dimensions variable)

IMG_4818 2.jpg

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands

 © Akinori Goto  All Rights Reserved.

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