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Akinori Goto  "Heading"

phenomenal #01


From the insects in the nearby mountains to the swaying of the trees and fluctuations of light, and more, Akinori Goto has been fascinated since adolescence by the movement that exists around him, and subsequently developed an interest in relationships with time. He has continued to create a large body of work that gives form to movement and time, and makes them visible through light.

     For this exhibition, Goto has utilized digital morphing technology to modify footage of people he shot at crosswalks around the world, and make an installation with multiple time axes. These works, in which images of people looking in front and walking appear when illuminated by light, seem to suggest the restriction of free movement during the pandemic and a sense of time almost stopping still, as well as the intersecting mindsets of people who nonetheless do not stop moving, or are not able to stop moving.

     Though we have no way of knowing where these people are walking to, the individuality latent in the nonchalant human act of walking and the various mindsets that lie behind it emerge as visitors interact with the light in the space.





本展は、nomena とクリエイターたちがずっと続けてきた、未知を楽しむ創造の延長である展覧会シリーズ「phenomenal」の第一回となる展覧会でもあります。ぜひ会場を歩き回りながら、ご覧いただければ幸いです。


会場:nomena gallery Asakusa

   〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草7-4-21 上菊ビル 2F

会期:2022/4/17 (日) ~ 5/8(日) 

開館時間:平日 13:00~19:00(最終入場は18:30) 

     土日祝日 11:00~19:00(最終入場は18:30)


休館日:毎週月曜日(4/18 ・ 4/25・5/2)


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