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Anecdote (2019)

"Anecdote” was created and exhibited at an art festival held on the uninhabited island of Sarushima in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

This work is an installation in which oral histories of Saru monkeys on the island of Sarushima are visualized with light and strings. The shape of the monkey is based on the motif of the Koma-zaru (guardian monkey) at Kasuga Shrine, which was located on the  island. The strings seem to be strung up at random, but when a moving beam of light reaches  a certain point, the shape of the monkey emerges momentarily. An anecdote Just as oral histories, the shape is constantly changing over time. In this work, each string is an element that generates the histories of the island of Sarushima.


Photo: Naoimi Circus

Materials: Wood, Elastic cord or braid, Iron
Size: H2000mm x W 2000mm x D400mm

Programming: Keisuke Yoshida


"Sarushima", Kanagawa, Japan

 © Akinori Goto  All Rights Reserved.

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