toki- WALK #01 (2015)

"toki- WALK #01" animates beams of light onto a rotating circular wire mesh sculpture, which is composed of a series of walking figures. The word "toki" means "time" or "moment" in Japanese, and the "- (hyphen)", here, stands for a continuation beyond and infinite. "toki-" was inspired by Eadweard Muybridge's 1878 photographic studies in motion. As the 3-D printed sculpture rotates, a beam of light illuminates one fragment of movement at a time. The result is a walking figure, made of light. Additional beams of light are projected onto the sculpture at different points in order to multiply the walking figure. As the sculpture rotates, each stream of light illuminates the same figure at a different moment in its movement, thus revealing a simultaneity of pasts, presents, and futures. Time itself is accumulated, entangled, visualized within the movement of a walk.


Materials: Nylon
Size: H120mm x W 500mm x D500mm

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